Hair Loss


Hair loss is a common body signal of insufficient protein and oil consumption in the general public and in females. Genetic patterns in men are not uncommon, but I have noticed younger men today have thinner hair and shave their heads to mask their baldness at younger ages. The consumption of trans fat, processed foods, and gluten-based foods and mineral deficiencies are factors impairing the production of hair. Women tend to have hair loss that starts in an egg-shaped pattern on the top of their head when they experience subpar thyroid function.


I recommend a daily supplement of full-spectrum oils like flax, olive, and safflower oil. A word of caution, consuming more omega-6 oils like sunflower and safflower oil can create an imbalance. My Dr. Bob’s Trans Fat Survival Guide discusses this topic in more detail. Hair loss will improve with an optimally functioning thyroid gland, adequate minerals like Celtic Sea Salt, and protein.

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