Headaches can be caused by several factors, including subpar thyroid function, resulting in morning headaches that go away as the day goes on; this is caused by sugar-handling stress and thyroid imbalance. Headaches that start at the base of the skull and top of the neck are tension-related headaches. Estrogen headaches are typically worse at the end of the menstrual month in women who have estrogen saturation. Migraine headaches are relentless, pounding headaches, which are often caused by food sensitivities and chemical toxins.


Rub the top of your neck where it meets the lower portion of your skull. If your headache is relieved, it would be wise to incorporate posture development exercises. These might include lying back on a large exercise ball, which will reverse the forward posture and relax the neck tension you experience from sitting all day at a computer. You may also want to consider an assessment by a skilled chiropractor. Monitor your estrogen levels during the month and see if there is a correlation with breast tenderness (high estrogen) and your headache. Estrogen saturation can be reduced by supporting liver function with Dr. Bob’s ABC’s, reducing toxic foods, and adding whole-food B vitamins.

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