High Cholesterol


Cholesterol is the basic building block for all steroids. Steroids control many functions in the body, including the ability to reduce inflammation. People who have elevated cholesterol tend to be under stress, and they may also have subpar thyroid function or a diet focusing on grains and sugar. Taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol is not an effective way to manage cholesterol levels. I have successfully managed patients’ cholesterol levels by adding 15 grams of beet fiber to the diet on a consistent basis.


Reduce your sugar and trans fat intake, and take one tablespoon of flax oil per one hundred pounds of body weight, while avoiding cheese and red meat. If your cholesterol remains high and you experience cold hands and feet, then you will want to have a thyroid profile: TSH, T3, and T4 with a TPO. The results of your thyroid test, when treated accordingly, can decrease your cholesterol without medication.

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