Low Libido


Stress and poor diet can sabotage the desire for intimacy, or libido. Steroid hormones are used to create the hormones encouraging intimacy and are commonly made by the adrenal glands. Medications used to control blood pressure, heart stress, and cholesterol have several bad effects, including lowering sexual appetite. The consumption of soy products, which has increased recently, is a leading factor impairing the male hormone testosterone. When testosterone is low, the male desire for sexual contact is reduced. I have noticed women over 50 with adrenal fatigue, and men over 40 today tend to have limited desire for intimacy for various reasons, including stress, depression, and low thyroid. Many people are unaware of the large amount of estrogen compounds in our environment—for example, chemicals applied to golf course greens and fairways, canned food, water, leather upholstery, preservatives on greens at salad bars, and conventional or standard foods in big-box warehouse and grocery stores.


Do your best to eat whole organic green foods like broccoli and cabbage, along with proteins from eggs, which help manage the onslaught of estrogen-reducing hormone activity.

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