Did you wake up with pain this morning? Pain paralyzes over 100 million people every day in the United States. It accelerates when there is a reduction of a fat-like tissue hormone called prostaglandin or PG, which appears in several forms. PG1 and PG3 reduce pain while PG2 causes pain. PG3 can be increased with the consumption of flax, walnuts, green beans, and marine-based food. PG2 is increased with sugar, trans fat, and insulin. Watch the amount of omega-6 oils you consume in snack foods because they tend to create pain. I have found that my patients also have more pain when they eat nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, green peppers).


Whole-food vegetables including red, yellow, and orange bell peppers reduce pain; avocados, with their omega-9 fats, and water consumption from a pure source also help.

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