#OptimalU-Week 26 Recap

July 1, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This is the official ‘halfway’ recap for #OptimalU and for the month of July we are going to stroll down memory lane and highlight each month’s focus including water, sleep, exercise, and meal planning. I hope you have a safe July 4th, and here are some of my dessert and side dish recipes if you will be celebrating!

Dr. Bob

Day 1: Hi Everyone! How is your memory? I know you will love me when I say this, but minerals and vitamins that help your memory are depleted when you consume…SUGAR. Today’s #OptimalU on page 328 suggests to keep your mineral levels high with Celtic Sea Salt, greens, and seeds are excellent sources.


Day 2: Do you bruise easily? My #OptimalU for today on page 109 suggests a prothrombin time test with your healthcare provider and eat raw bell peppers (yellow, orange, and red) since they are a good source of vitamin C.


Day 3: Can you raise your arms above your head without pain? Bursitis is a condition that affects the tissues around the muscles and bones of your shoulder. Today’s #OptimalU on page 124 recommends to not drink water with your meals since it can raise saliva pH, which bursitis is often associated. Apple cider vinegar and vitamin B6 can help.


Day 4, 5: Off

Day 6: As we wrap up June’s focus, if you are someone that “needs” to have some sort of sweet everyday, my #OptimalU on page 188 suggests that chromium (this one is from our friends at Swanson Health Products) is a mineral that can reduce your sugar cravings.


Day 7: I personally can’t believe 2014 is halfway over, but it has been fun sharing these photos/videos with you throughout the week. This month we are reviewing our first six focuses (water, relationships, exercise, sleep, and meal planning) and today’s #OptimalU is on page 43: Avoid water that is not pleasant to the taste-it may contain harmful substances.


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