Dr. Bob’s Chicken Soup

Like any ‘old school’ cook, I have no set amount; instead, I measure accordingly what amount of chicken I have to how much water I add.

Use skinned chicken. The more yellow the color, the better the broth.

I put all the chicken in a pot-and fill with water to where I want to have that much broth.

I like to use a yellow onion for this recipe. Drop in with the chicken. Bring this all to a boil. If you want an extra kick, throw in some roasted garlic. However, cloves are preferred!

This process takes about thirty minutes. Place the onion and chicken on a tray to cool.

Next add the carrots, celery, and a gluten-free chicken or vegetable bouillon cube.

Simmer until the vegetables are still with a crunch-but not “crunchy”!

Clean the chicken and chop the onion and add that all back to the pot. Right before I am ready to serve (about 10 minutes) I add parsley-to your taste is the amount that works best.

I serve with brown rice, or rice noodles.

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