Dr. Bob’s Lamb Roast

Again, the old school cook in me lists the ingredients I use, but the amount is for your discretion.


3-4 pound roast-or 4 lamb shanks

1 yellow onion-sliced

3 carrots-diced

Yukon gold potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, or Yams

1 can of northern beans

Olive Oil

Brown Rice Flour

Tomato-based soup-I like the boxed Imagine brand

Chunky tomato sauce-I like fire-roasted (diced, or sliced)

Celtic Sea Salt and pepper to taste


Dust lamb with flour on all sides and brown in olive oil. Set aside. Caramelize the onions (simply by browning them a bit in olive oil).

Put the tomato soup in the pressure cooker. Add all the ingredients with the tomatoes at the end. Make sure you have enough juices to cover your vegetables so they will cook. You can always thicken with arrowroot later (used like cornstarch, but better for you).

Set to high high heat-about fifteen minutes-then lower for the hour on your pressure cooker. Turn the heat off and let the pressure come down about fifteen minutes. Release the lid and enjoy! Served best over brown rice.

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