Dr. Bob's Mashed Garlic Cauliflower

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Note: Makes 4 servings


1 large cauliflower

4 to 5 large garlic cloves, thinly sliced

1- tbsp. organic butter

1 1/2- tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1/8- tsp. fresh ground nutmeg

Celtic Sea Salt and pepper to taste


Prepare steamer, cauliflower: Set a collapsible steamer basket in a 6-quart pot. Add water to come just above the bottom of the steamer. Cover and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, wash cauliflower and its leaves. Cut leaves into thin slices. Break cauliflower into flowerettes.

Steam the cauliflower: Drop leaves onto the steamer, salt lightly. Add half the cauliflower, all the garlic, then add the rest of the cauliflower. Lightly salt. Cover and steam over medium-high heat for eight minutes, or until cauliflower is so tender, knife just slips into it.

Puree the vegetable: Drain in a colander, turn into a food processor and puree with the butter and oil. Season to taste with pepper, nutmeg, and more salt if desired.

Presentation: Serve immediately or reheat later.

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