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Each week Dr. Bob answers health questions submitted by individuals via Facebook or Twitter. You can too, visit Dr. Bob: The Drugless Doctor or Tweet @DruglessDoctor with #AskDrBob

Ask Dr. Bob: Cold Hands, Hair Loss, Acne, Running Shoes, & Restless Legs

What does digestion have to do with your nail health, and how can you stop restless legs while your sleep? Dr. Bob answers these questions and more in this episode of #AskDrBob. Follow Dr. Bob on Twitter

Ask Dr. Bob: Snoring, Dry Eyes, Fibromyalgia, Sagging Arms

What do you do if you have dry eyes or ringing in the ear? Find out how to change it through drugless principles, plus other questions Dr. Bob answers. Because this was released during Thanksgiving week, we are thankful for you, our viewers! Follow Dr. Bob on Twitter

Ask Dr. Bob: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Carageenan, Locust Bean, Calcium, Vitamin B, & Thyroid

What are the benefits alpha lipoic acid, and how can you make sure your thyroid is functioning optimally? We answer these plus much more in this edition of #AskDrBob. Follow Dr. Bob on Twitter

Ask Dr. Bob: Breast Cancer, Tinea Versicolor, Skin Spots, Alkaline Food & More!

In this #AskDrBob, I discuss questions about breast cancer, tinea versicolor, skin spots, alkaline food, the best foods for digestion, oleander plant extract, and heavy menses. What are your questions? Follow Dr. Bob on Twitter

Ask Dr. Bob: Osteoarthritis, Thyroid, Botox, Medication, ADHD, Protein, & Raw Milk

For our first #AskDrBob we receive questions about osteoarthritis, thyroid health, botox, medication, ADHD, protein and dairy. I hope they bring clarity to your situation. What are your ?’s. Follow Dr. Bob on Twitter

Ask Dr. Bob: Fibroids, Endometriosis, Smoke Cessation & Vaccinations

In this edition of #AskDrBob we discuss fibroids, endometriosis, worry, smoke cessation and vaccinations. What are your ?’s. Follow Dr. Bob on Twitter

Ask Dr Bob: Flax Oil, ADHD, Anxiety, Iodine & Sweating

Why should you take flax oil for ADHD if you’re already taking a marine-based oil? What causes anxiety? We go deeper today in the new #AskDrBob. To ask your health questions, visit us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( Monday-Wednesday and a new video will be posted on Friday.

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