Dr. Bob shares simple solutions for those young and old with ADHD and how symptoms can be stopped without medication in only 18 days.

"Get to Know" ADD & ADHD

Why are boys more prone to ADHD than girls? Find out plus more relevant health content.


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"Get to Know" Drugless at School

Did you know that there were 25 million prescriptions for ADHD in 2010 alone? Let’s change this trend.

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"Get to Know" Drugless Parenting

Did you know, in America 25% of youth, age 20 or younger, are taking at least 1 medication per day? Dr. Bob shares how your children don’t have to take ANY medication.

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"Get to Know" Kids' Health

We all want the best for our children. Dr. Bob shares simple tips to make sure your kids are the healthiest they can be.

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