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Watch “Drenda” on ABC Family, Tuesdays at 6:30 AM EST/PST, and on Daystar Television Network, Fridays at 5:30 PM EST/4:30 CST. Visit her on

Balancing Guide to Female Hormones

Dr. Bob and Debbie discuss with Drendra and her audience about the importance of balancing female hormones. “Drendra” can be seen weekly on ABC Family.

Stop ADHD in 18 Days

How many tabs are open on your browser right now? Stay put for 28 minutes and watch Dr. Bob and Drendra discuss how you can stop ADHD in only 18 days. Without medication.

Sex & Romance

Dr. Bob and Debbie turn up the heat on a subject that is often misunderstood. We take no responsibility for what happens nine months after watching this episode.

Doctor to Doctor

“Doctor to Doctor” airs Tuesdays at 12:30 PM EST on TBN, showcasing nutrition and health advice from a biblical perspective. Visit for more information.

Thanksgiving Tips

Dr. Bob loves Thanksgiving, and his turkey recipe will have your friends and family’s ‘taste buds dancing’.

A Healthy Christmas Season

During the Christmas season we often compromise our rest and sleep. If you do that, you’ll find yourself on Santa’s naughty list. Dr. Bob shares how we can be full of yuletide cheer instead of being blue.

Grocery Shopping with Dr. Bob!

How often do you grocery shop? Here’s another question: Do you know what to buy that’s healthy while grocery shopping? Dr. Bob shares simple grocery shopping tips for you to make healthy decisions while shopping.

Lifestyle Magazine

Dr. Bob and Debbie join hosts, Mike and Gayle Tucker, about the foods that alter female hormones and how you can improve your lifestyle without taking prescription medication. Visit them at

Marilyn and Sarah

“Marilyn and Sarah” is a widely respected talk show discussing topics on health, relationships, and faith. You can visit them at and watch them on Daystar at 9:30 A.M and 2:30 PM EST, The Word Network at Noon EST, and Christian Television Network at Noon EST.

Men’s Health Part One

Men, it’s time to get SERIOUS about your health. Watch Dr. Bob as he shares why, with Marilyn Hickey and her daughter, Sarah Bowling.

Men’s Health Part Two

Dr. Bob continues his conversation about Men’s Health with Marilyn and Sarah. Man up, and buy Dr. Bob’s book. It’ll change your life!

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