Dr. Bob’s tried and true thesis. Apples, beets and carrots are your friends.

Stop Your Running Nose

Can your body adapt to each season’s challenges? Is your nose “running”? I have patients in chiropractic care share consistently how they are doing great without any medication.… Read more

An Apple a Day

Eat at least one half of an apple daily, especially a red one, like Fuji or Gala. Red apples are great for digestion and are an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals, and fiber.… Read more

You Need to Poop

Your colon is one of the main excretory systems. Your skin and lungs also release a lot of toxins on their own.… Read more

Immune from Emotions

I want to share a few thoughts about your immune system and emotions. Anger is an emotion that springs from the depths of the liver: the organ that plays a significant role in one’s immune system.… Read more

Is Your Body Too Acidic?

Want to know the real issues concerning calcium and minerals? We have more than enough calcium being deposited into our body; the real concern is whether or not we are eating an ‘acid ash’ based diet.… Read more

Spot Free Skin

Are you happy with your skin? Do you have brown spots on your face, hands and arms? Here are the simplest ways to promote healthy skin: Eat: * Dr.… Read more

An Apple’s Secret Weapon

I know you have heard of the saying, “An apple a day will keep the doctor away,” which has actually has some validity to it.… Read more

You Knee’d to Read This

I want to give you a freebie. Through my training and experience, I have found right knee pain-especially on the outside part of the joint-can actually be caused by gallbladder distress!… Read more

A Dr. Bob “Approved” Daily Routine

Start your day by drinking a hot glass of water with lemon and one-half of a red apple.  What’s so great about apples?… Read more

Real Talk For Parents

What do you do when your take your child in for a problem that has been bugging them, like pulling their eyebrows out?… Read more
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